Save 30% on the September 2020 Birchbox UK

We are huge fans of beauty boxes, but we love getting them while they are on sale even more. A saving is a saving and we are not saying that because we are cheap. No matter how much money one has, the point is to maximise it, no? At least we think so. If you don’t, then maybe this is not the club for you.

Here is how you can get your September edition of the Birchbox at a discount. Please note that this only works if you are not already subscribed. Normally we would suggest that you unsubscribe so that you can enjoy another offer next month (you were most likely already charged for this month) if you wish to subscribe again, but now is not the time, not if you want to get the upcoming beauty advent calendar from Birchbox.

Okay, so how can you get 30% off the September edition of the Birchbox UK?


First you cannot already be a subscriber as the offer is valid for new subscribers only, as we established above. And second, you need to subscribe and use the code THIRTYOFF at checkout. Easy, peasy.

The offer is valid for all type of subscriptions.

Below you can see what the September Birchbox contains.

Birchbox Beauty Box September 2020

Grab your Birchbox here.

*This article is not sponsored. This article contains affiliate links which means that The Beauty Offers Club might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make any purchases through the links included in this article. Thank you for your support.

**Featured image credits belong to Birchbox UK

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